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Some time ago I signed in for Arena Pass 2013 to get my very own Murkimus the Gladiator. The thing is to play 50 3v3 arena matches to get it, you can win or lose, so I asked nicely if my boyfriend (@Jolabero) and our friend could help me out 🙂

I usually don’t play PvP, sometimes random Battlegrounds if I feel like it, and especially not Arenas. I have no clue about the arenas so this might be fun I hope 😛 Our team is Unholy Death Knight, Affliction Warlock and me as a Resto Druid, I think they called it
ShadowCleave. I did some practising with Disc Priest, but it felt really wrong since I’m so used to play Druid and I like how it works.

As you can see we are playing at Horde side, I chose Troll just because I never had high level Troll before and I have to say I miss my own Night Elf so so much. One other thing I miss is Transmog, since there is no Robe on season 13 set 🙁 Also the Troll feet are enormous!!

I can be the tallest one at least once in my life 😛

We did one game earlier today (might play more later) and we won, me as a healer. I’m not saying I’m not bad in PvP healing, but Arena healing is so much different than just throwing HoTs here and there in random battleground. But luckily our first team had bit lower rating than us so it was kind of easy win I think 🙂 My first arena win yay \o/

One awesome thing in Tournament Server is that there you can have awesome mounts!!

Invincible <3 <3 <3

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  1. Yayyy gratz on your first arena win!!! oooh pretty mounts!!

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