Tournament server (part 3)

Last night we did all the missing matches for our Murkimus project! Then our roommate started readin about the title “Vanquisher”, apparently you need to play 100 matches and be ranked in 1000 to be able to get it.
We did some searching to make sure that is true and then we checked our ranking after that 50 match, it was 320 if I remember it correctly. 
 We also checked that there aren’t that many players this year so it would be bit easier too.
So we rushed some more games, since BF has always wanted that title (and hey Vanquisher Rinike sounds pretty neat right :D), and at the moment we have 88 played games and our ranking is 230. We are going to do the missing matches after BF gets home from work!
So fingers crossed that we make it! 🙂

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