Tournament server (part 2)

Yesterday we started hunting Murkimus on Tournament Server. Since last time, our group has changed a bit. Our friend who was helping he went for a holiday so we assigned our roommate to cover him! So he is going to be our awesome Disc priest. 

Here is new picture of us:

We have BM Hunter (that is me on the right. Never played PvP with Hunter so let’s see how it goes :D), Affliction Warlock (Bf on middle) and our awesome roommate with Disc Priest (on the left) 🙂

We did actually win some, so it wasn’t all bad 😛 But sometimes the matches didn’t really help my “fear” of PvP and arenas. So annoying! 😀
But it felt awesome when you won against a team you just lose previous match 😀
We are probably gonna do some matches after I’m done posting and the missing ones tomorrow.

Me and my pet CoCo waiting match to start! 🙂

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