Something old and something new

I’ve wanted to make this post awhile now and now I had a inspiration to do it.
It is about my warlock, my pride and joy. My first character I ever made, so this is going to be bit nostalgic post too.

I stumbled with my Warlocks name quite a lot (like you all know all the awesome and good ones are usually taken) and then when I just bashed my keyboard it came out something similar to Darna and so I had it. My first server was Haumarush EU (you thought I typoed the name there didn’t you? And no I did not, when creating the servers Blizzard made an spelling error and after some time they changed it back to Haomarush like it should be).
So off I went to explore the amazing world of Azeroth, killing boars and lizards, doing quests and dungeons, a goal in the horizon “to get level 60 and maybe even get into a raiding guild”. My memory isn’t that good as it used to be and I don’t really remember how I got into this guild called “Routa”. It was all finnish guild and I met some really nice people there (for some I’m still even friends with).
So I hit level 60 (and it took some time) and started gathering the dungeon set, Dreadmist Raiment, while I was gathering it I was also doing the pre quests to enter Onyxia’s lair and Molten Core. I also started upgrading my current pieces to Deathmist Raiment and MAN that was pain in the ass to do. I never got my helm from Scholomance 🙁

Then this friend of mine, who had been in Routa, convinced me to make an application to this awesome raiding guild he was in and looking back now it was one of my best decisions. 
I was 18 at that time and I was bit afraid to try to apply to this new international guild.
The guild was called Prophetia Nocturna and after all this time it is still BY FAR the best guild I’ve ever been in. The atmosphere was so friendly and welcoming, everyone was talking and having good times while killing dragons (and we are talking about the 40 man raids at this time :P). I think I made some lifetime friends from some of them (I also met my current boyfriend in the same guild, we didn’t really speak at that time but now after so many years we started talking and little I knew that we would end up living together :D)

What I’m going to do now is suggested from many of my friends and I wasn’t sure I’m going to do it until now, SO I’m going to post my application that got me into that awesome guild. (I’m not going to correct any of spelling errors or anything it is as real as it can be so all of you can have some good giggles like I had when I read it again :P)

First, hellou all peeps in Prophetia ^^
Some of u may remember me on the UBRS run, when we killed Rend for my Ony pre.
This is my application, so enjoy Smile
Your Name:
– Elli
Your Nationality:
– im finnish girl
Describe your english skills if you are not english:
– I can read and write and understand it. But Im little shy at my speaking skill, cos i could spell the word wrong or something like that ^^
Your Age:
– im 18, soon 19
Your Job:
– im a student, i will be graduate (at least i hope) computer expert Smile
Your Hobbies:
– anime/manga and wow ofc ^^
i would like to start judo but in this place there is no chance to start one =/
Character Name:
– Darna
Character Level:
– she is lvl 60 Smile
Character Class:
– Warlock
Your current character specc:
but i can respec if it best for the guild.
professions on character plus skill lvl: (fishing,cooking, 2 main profs)
– i just started enchanting and it is 61 :p (and i also have first aid)
Will to respecc for Guild:
– Sure yes if it is best for the guild.
Character History: ( List of all previous Guilds and reason to leave each )
– I have been on a 2 guilds.
First i was “dont remember the name” :/ but it broke down, when is was about lvl 38.
Then i was in guild named Routa(Finnish guild), reason to leave it was that it broked down too. But now the peeps have collected enough ppl to rebuild Routa back ^^
Current Guild: ( + reason to leave it )
– Im in Routa now
Some ppl there are with “Epix before friends” -attitude, and i dont like it. Sure there is nice ppl too, but mostly that kind of peeps. I also want little bit friendlier guild that Routa is.
And i wanna do aq, mc(Raggy),bwl even once in my life ^^
You can use Ventrilo and Teamspeak (incl. Microphone available and working):
– All working Smile but im kinda shy that i wont speak much but hopefully i get some courage to speak more Smile
Read the thread About the Guild // Trial FAQ and understood:
– Yes
Appreciate the Attitude about Friends before Epics:
– hell yea. There is no point to play if u play alone and full of epix. Prefer Friends and no epix Smile
Will and Obligation to participate on the Forums understood:
– Yes
Onyxia questline/ Attunement to the Core / BWL done ?
– All done Smile
Describe your online activity ratio :
– around to 00. or 02 am
– around to 00. or 02 am
Wednesday (40 men at moment):
– around to 00. or 02 am
– around to 00. or 02 am
Friday (40 men at moment):
– around to 00. or 02 am
– at to or more
Sunday (40 men at moment):
– at to or more
Those times depends do i have to make school works, or if im around my mom’s house or somewhere else. But that should be it Smile Those are almost the same all of the days, cos my school ends around ^^
Describe your MC / Onyxia / BWL experience:
– I have been in MC, but not in Ony or BWL. Plus i have little experience of ZG ^^
Review of your Gear + detailed list of Fire resist gear unbuffed: ( yes, we want to know it )
– u see im upgrading my Dreadmist set. Im trying to get Mask and the others what are missing and upgrade them too. Upponalle has helped me, so big thx to him Smile
– My FR gear is 72, I know its kinda low, but im trying to get more all the time Smile that cloak i have +7fr.
– On bank i also have 2 nature resist gear: trying to find some more ^^
Your /played time on character (type in /played when you are online):
– I have played 16days.
Reason to join Prophetia Nocturna:
– I have heard only nice thingies about this guild. And i have there one my old friend(named Upponalle) i have played with him in Routa ^^
Also i have 2 new friends called Khaza and Nohero. Seems to me there is wery kind athmosphere and u are very helpfull guild.
Why should we choose you instead of somebody else to join Nocturna?
– People say that im nice, and funny. Im really helpfull if i got the right time and i dont have to go somewhere else.
Im quick to learn new things. And i wanna go to “big boys and girls” instances even once in my life Smile
Epix are not the world to me, so thats not the main reason to wanna join u. The main reason is that, I wanna get new friends around the world and not only finnish peeps ;P

To which other guilds do you apply at this moment or are you going to apply after having written this one?
– No i don’t. Don’t like that ppl do more than 1 application, that’s strange Shocked
Anything else you want to share with us beside your blood ?
– Like i said the epix are not the world to me, only friends Razz
Hmm i think that would be all. If u have anything to ask just wisp me in game or u can send an e-mail too.
Thanks for this chance and have a nice week.
Sincerly Elli

I had my best WoW memories experienced with those people in the guild I hope to keep in touch with them in the future too!
Now I want to share with you before picture of my Warlock and after now after all the years when she is level 90.


Thank you for reading this post, I had nice time writing it and I’m more than happy how things turned out! 🙂
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  1. This is absolutely one of the things I miss most in current WoW. Before perks and all I spent lots of time reading guild forums and new applications. I also had to think hard what I was going to write to certain questions (Back in TBC/Wotlk), For example questions like: Why you, activity and such. And the feeling when you finally got accpeted, and not just “Sec I’ll give you an inv soon.”
    A real nostalgy boost to read it as well!

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