Naked Black Temple raid

As the title says, we did some naked raid yesterday. Some time ago I noticed that @MrandMrsWoW announced that they were looking more people to this naked raid.
I instantly thought that this is going to be something really fun!!
Our destination raid was Black Temple. I took some pictures while we were there so from now on the post is going to be PG-18 😉

Group picture time! (someone’s Willy is sleeping on the corner of the picture! ;P)

After Black Temple we went to Orgrimmar but sadly couldn’t try to kill Garrosh because everyone got transferred back to their own realms.

We also went to see Ragnaros in Firelands 🙂

We had 20 people participating for the naked raid and maybe next time we’ll get full 25 or more! 🙂 Mr.B recorded the whole naked raid so I’m going to update it to this post, I’ll notify when we get it in our hands!
Thanks for all I had so much fun!! 🙂

Mr.B made a video and you can find it here also @MrandMrsWoW made a post about the naked raid, you can find it here 🙂
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  1. I LOVE the screenshots! Amazing! 😀 Good job! ^^

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