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On Thursday 30th of July I saw this nice guide how to get Kirin Tor Familiar in warcraftpets.
I decided to start on that Wednesday because tip was that all the books reset after server restart. Yesterday, ten days later, I finally obtained the last book I was missing. I got it right after our Friday raid so it was really nice timing.

Upon completing the achievement you get a mail from Rhonin, it includes a letter and a book, The Schools of Arcane Magic – Mastery.
Letter says:

Congratulations on completing your studies on The Schools of Arcane Magic. In recognition of your dedication. I’m enclosing this special volume completing the series.I believe you’ll find this tome particularly entertaining. But I’ll leave that for your discovery.Sincerely,Rhonin

 When you use the book, it teleports you to Archmage Vargoth’s Retreat, a room in Violet Citadel, only way to get there is via that book.

When you talk to him he says this:

Welcome (druid), to my humble retreat. I find this place very relaxing and I have always loved being at home in Dalaran. Sometimes though, it can be a lonely place… such a lonely place.
– I have a book that might interest you. Would you like to take a look?
Amazing! There are passages in here that I have never seen before. This must have taken quite a while for you to track down. If you ever find anymore books like this, I would like to be notified immediately.Please take one of my Kirin Tor Familiars with you just in case you stumble across anything.
– Thank you! I will be sure to notify you if I find anything else.

Then you get this little fella! All the trouble you go trough doing this achievement is worth it!

With this and few days ago I got Lil’ Ragnaros from BF it brings me to total 481 pets 🙂

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  1. That achievment is so hard! I have never seen a single book 😀

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