Hey all the fellow Druids out there. *imaginary wave*
I’ve been thinking to do this post for a while and then Lae announced the alt appreciation weeks and I thought that I’m going to wait until #DruidWeek comes!
You all must have seen The Golden Compass movie right?! Ok so bear with me (*tihihi* ;P)

There is character called Iorek Byrnison he is a rightful heir for Svalbard throne, then he fought against other bear in a ritual of dominance to win over this female bear.
Turned out that the other bear he was up against was drugged and he didn’t back down when Byrnison defeated him. That lead Byrnison to kill the bear and that was highly forbidden and that is why he was condemned to exile. 🙁

So my real reason writing this post that my Night Elf has white hair, so that shows on my bear too. And now with the spell Incarnation: son of ursoc your forms get armors.
aaaaaand *drums* it looks like this while in bear form!!

And this ladies and gentleman is Iorek Byrnison in his battle armor!
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  1. I loved The Golden Compass! There were a lot of things in it that I come back to in my thoughts now and then, especially the separating of ehm things. (Avoiding spoilers.)

  2. I love the improved armoured forms but I opted for Forces of Nature on mine so that I can have a little tree friend 🙂
    On a side note, I read the Northern Lights books years ago and really enjoyed them 🙂

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