Alt Appreciation #DruidWeek

As it says on the topic it’s #DruidWeek. It started today and lasts aaaaalll the way to Sunday! 😛 So all the kittys, bears, lazerchickens and trees heads up for this week! 🙂
Read more after the “jump break”.
This week is very special for me since I play Druid as a main (so would it be Main Appreciation week for me then *ponders* ;D). My love for Druid’s started in early Burning Crusade, mainly because I needed something to farm flowers and make potions for my Warlock (which was my main at that time). And what is better than have a Druid in flight form to pick up all the flowers!
So after some time I hit level 70 with her and I was thinking “oh but this seems so cool, maybe I’ll start playing it bit more” I chose to be Bear since I always wanted to tank and Warrior and Paladin (at that time) didn’t really fit for me.
I farmed some tanking gear and started and after some struggles I learnt what buttons to press and what macros to use. I was even able to tank my current guilds Karazhan alt raid!

Druid tanking haven’t changed much since that, few new shiny buttons and the spec is called Guardian (neat name huh!).

But back to BC, everyone was waiting Wrath of the Lich King to be launched.
After some time they added patch 3.1.0 which introduced Dual spec!
I was thinking in my head that now I’m going to try healing for the first time on my Druid (since I did some experimenting with kitty and lazerchicken dps, but wasn’t really a fan).
I have to say that the start with resto it was horrible, people kept dying and yelling at me and I stopped healing and gathered more and better gear for my new spec. Then I tried again and practised more. Now I have to say I’m glad I did that, I’m glad I didn’t give up 😀
Since Resto is the specc what I mainly play, in both PvP and PvE and I have to say I’m quite good at it too 🙂 I sadly didn’t get to raid in Ulduar with my Druid (my Disc Priest took care of that and we didn’t have enough people with their alts to make another run).

I’ve been both Horde and Alliance, I started as a Tauren then Night Elf, race change to Worgen, then Night Elf again, back to Tauren and now I’m Night Elf (and going to stay like that! Unless they announce Draenei Druids <3) only race I haven't tried is Troll (the feet just creep me out sorry all the Trolls out there!)

So this was my story how I fell in love this pack of furr! I’m gonna try to make more posts about her and maybe add some new transmogs for it too! Happy #DruidWeek ya all!! <3
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  1. Trolls have big and ugly feet, but I still prefer that over Night Elves massive hands 😉


  2. Kudos to you for sticking with the healing through the first struggle! That’s where I tend to give up forever, which is a real shame.

    Waiting for the draenei druids too! What do you think their flight form would be? Lol. xD

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