Alt Appreciation #DeathKnightweek


#DeathKnight week ends today and I have to say I had fun, and without it my pretty one would be still sitting at level 65! 😀 So thank you Lae!! <3
We did last ICC for end of the week, sadly I joined bit late and was only with them for 3 last bosses. Here is a awesome picture of me and Lich King! 😛

I finally dinged 80 with my pretty DK!! *Yay* 🙂

Only 10 more levels to go then! At the start I wasn’t really sure if I would like DK, but I’ve grown to like it. Things go boom really fast as Unholy (Looms might help a bit tho ;P )
But here is a new picture of her!

I also made new friends in Icecrown! 😛

Pebblemuncher found some friends too!

So far my pretty little DK is at level 71 (got bit distracted with food yesterday :D).
I’ve been giggling to these names of my lovely minion.
Here are some of my favourites:
– Brainmonger

– Dirtcatcher
– Wormleaper
– Batthief
– Graveleaper
– Tooththief
– Mudleaper
– Rotrumbler
– Gravegobbler
– Glacierrobber

When @Laeleiweyn from World of Lae made a post about alt appreciation I instantly thought that this would be something for me to try out. Since I’m dedicated altoholic I thought in my head that why not try to level my missing alts on these weeks.
So this first week is all about Death Knights, I have to say I’m not really a fan of DK’s and only reason to level my pretty one is just to get all classes to level 90 ;D
Maybe I grow to like her who knows 🙂
Her name is Melune, I play on Frostmane EU. When I write this she is half way to level 70 and my goal for today is to get atleast 75 🙂 I’m leveling her as Unholy, I tried Blood but it felt really weird (I probably try it again at higher levels).

I’ll keep you posted, probably by updating this post, haven’t decided yet 🙂

Here is the list:

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  1. I know how you feeeeeel! The only reason I wanna level one is to get it to 90, and for the awesome transmog gear ofc, but I just can't bring myself to. Maybe it's because she was a draenei (I have loads already)… I'll try a different race next time 😉

  2. Yeap! But since I started playing as Unholy I'm beginning to like it more and more 😀 I just love Draeneis, but trying something else is always good. How about a gnomie? 😛

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