100th post!

When I started blogging almost 2 months ago I wasn’t sure if could keep up posting and getting new ideas and stuff. But now, my head is full of ideas and I’m continuing with the #WoWscreenshotaday on next month too.
I love taking pictures in and out of WoW and I like to share them too. Make people smile and stuff 🙂

One of the reasons why I started this blog was to kind of do it for me, like diary but from WoW what I do, what I have done, what I would like to etc etc.
First I struggled with the writing, well because I’ve never been that good at writing and second of all I’m writing in English which isn’t my native language.
But I think I have done good so far and writing is getting easier post by post 🙂
First when I started with the 3o day World of Warcraft challenge it was to get me get the “hang” of posting and it sure helped. Now it feels really weird if I haven’t posted anything so I think I’ll keep lurking around and making posts 😀

I’m trying to start posting more about transmogs (since duh that is why I also started this one and so far I have posted only few :P). Also you can leave any suggestion or ideas or anything and comments are always welcome!
Thank you for bearing with me so far and I hope I get to have blogiversary and many more posts!
Took this picture while writing this and yes I know it is bit cheeky but wanted to add (with my ‘awesome’ photoshop skills ;D) the 100th post “theme” somehow in it 😀

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  1. Happy 100th Blog Post Rinike!!! 😀 Here’s to the next 100!

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