Ulduar (twitter raid part 2)

Yesterday we had another Friday Twitter run, we went to the best raid in the whole WoW, Ulduar.
Ulduar as a place is a prison for Old God Yogg-Saron, who is the last boss in this, also current residence for most of the titanic watchers (FreyaHodirLokenMimiron and Thorim) who has fallen under the Yogg-Saron’s influence. Our duty is to help them.

I love that raid so much, the look and feeling of the whole instance, how you help the titans and the bosses, how the mechanics were designed. The music, the voice acting, and gameplay of the whole instance, so amazing. (When Ulduar came I was using my crappy laptop and I still was able to experience the whole thing!) and the best of all above, the story!! Here is link for the official trailer, I could watch that over and over again 😛

Usually these Friday runs are organized by @MissMurloc, but she couldn’t come this time so @Chromeeh_Gnome had really nice idea to cheer her up!

 While doing bosses we had some giggles too:

For some, yet unknown, reason first boss Flame Leviathan decided to have some fun and bug itself so we were not able to ress. (the one alive is not inside yet ;D)

We tried some Gnome hiding!

Train trip!

 Also you can have your own Fast and Furious edition motorcycle!

  Thanks for all the peeps again who joined and had fun!! Can’t wait for next weeks raid!!

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