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Twitter raid (part 3)

So it was Friday again yesterday and time for Friday-fun-run. Sneakily the destination was well kept secret, destination was Dragon Soul (10man normal version, heroic run is yet to come). 

First encounter was with earth elemental Morchok

Followed by two servants of the Old God named Warlord Zon’ozz and Yor’sahj the Unsleeping.

Next was Hagara the Stormbinder, corrupted undead and one of the first students of arcane magic, who now takes side with Deathwing.

Afterwards giant Twilight Dragon named Ultraxion

Waiting Ultraxion trash

Picture not taken by me

When we were done with Ultraxion it was time to jump on our ship and head 
towards Warmaster Blackhorn who was waiting us on our way to Deathwing.

picture not taken by me

From that, we jumped on Deathwing’s back and started ripping his protective armor of from his back. He managed to surprise us once by rolling over, but on our second try we were bit more focused.

Then it was Time to ask help from Thrall and the dragon aspects. 

Finally after some serious fighting we downed him.

After Deathwing we were still hungry for some dragons, so we decided to go for Sartharion, in Obsidian Sanctum, and Malygos, in The Eye of Eternity.

Still after some Friday funzies we headed to Trial of the Crusader (10man normal).

Had amazing time again with you all, big thanks! <3 (Follow @Chromeeh_Gnome or @MissMurloc on Twitter to know more about next Friday’s raid ^^)

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