Pet Battles (part 2)

So I’ve been doing Pet Battles a lot in these past 4ish days now. And was able to get first
That’s a Lot of Pet Food achievement, reward was Venus (Yes really pretty isn’t it).

And finally after bit farming World Safari achievement rewarded title “Zookeeper”. In total I have 445 unique pets 🙂

The achievement itself wasn’t that bad to farm, only 2 pets caused me some serious farming

Minfernal and Unborn Val’kyr (with both I was extremely lucky). Now I need to start farming upgrades for my “Poor” and “Common” pets. According to Warcraftpets at the moment I have 10.3% “Poor” ones and 9% “Common” ones, so I’m guessing it shouldn’t be that hard to up them to at least “Uncommon”.
Tho I might start leveling my alts again, still missing rogue (level 70), warrior (level 70), mage (level 80), Death Knight (level 65) and Warlock (level 88). But let’s see 🙂

Also while I was doing these pet battles I came across this elite goat mob, called Zhing, in Kun-Lai Summit.
It dropped funny item for me, slight disappointment was that the “mount” lasted only for 20 seconds.

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