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Gnome Invasion

I tweeted some time ago that I’m starting a gnome invasion, that plan is going well so far.
On my journey to discover Pandaria and see the famous Shrine of Seven Stars, in Vale of Eternal Blossom, I came across some really nice stuff.

I saw these lovely ladies in Deepholm, while I was gathering some new pets for my collection, and I asked if they wanted to join my invasion.
They were really excited about it, they are bit silent and they disappear time to time, dunno how to “break the ice” with them.

As my journey continued towards Twilight Highlands, I heard that Kind Varian Wrynn needed my help to escort his son around the city of Stormwind. I don’t get why all the girls say that prince Anduin is so cute and all. I think he is a bit “slow” and not that good looking ;P

Oh well we went to see the harbour because he wanted to see the ship to Darnassus.
After the docks we went to this tiny farm near the harbour, the place is called The Wollerton Stead,
and can you imagine, he has never seen a cow!!

Pumpkins are really big this year, almost my size!

After seeing the farm, we got ambushed by some Twilight’s Hammer Cultists but we killed

all of them, even Jaina Proudmoore would be impressed how brave Arcane Mage I was. /flex
Next place was really odd to me, the prince wanted to see some old wardrobe inside SI:7 headquarters.
I think going trough someone elses stuff, even if you’re prince of Stormwind, is not allowed. I of course didn’t say anything so he won’t get upset or anything.

Well after all that he got tired and wanted to talk to his dad and Major Samuelson, he sent me to run some errands for him. After I returned to Stormwind Keep, they we’re talking to Major Samuelson, turned out that he was a bad guy! Who would have guessed, he tried to kill the King too! Then King Varian unmasked him and he turned out to be a really ugly tentacle monster! (I got bit scared there, but as a good mage I helped King’s guards to kill him).
King was really pleased all the effort I put to all this, so he gave me really nice reward, a really nice new shiny belt!
Also he wanted me to seek more information about the Twilight’s Hammer Cultists, so he ordered me to seek this Dwarf in Stormwind Harbour called Fargo Flintlocke.

The plane looked really scary, and I swear it had some loose parts.
Well he said that he has faith in his plane, so off we went towards Twilight Highlands.

I think it was the leaking fuel that made me pass out, but next thing I remember when I woke up and saw the dwarf looking at me while our smoking plane was crashed into a mast. Scary huh?!

I’m really excited about this new place, I’ll get you more pictures while I move towards on my journey!

Oh I almost forgot, earlier while I was in this really pretty place called Vashj’ir (Yes, that is the place where you get your Seahorse !!)

I found a companion cube!
Got almost eaten by a shark!
And I rode a turle! <3

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