Frost Witch

I’m using Tier 10 on my Shaman, it’s called Frost Witch.
I really like this set, it’s not over the top with all the blingy things, the green dots are really nice details. It also looks really shamanistic, it’s my favourite shaman set so far.
I have a thing for eyepatches so I’m using it instead of the normal set helm, also I’m not fan of big belts so I chose smaller matching one. It’s rather easy to get, the pieces costs Justice Points. Main reason why I’m using the axe is the name, and it kinda fits for the whole theme also the big bulls head on a shield is so amazing.

HeadMalefactor’s Eyepatch
ShouldersFrost Witch’s Spaulders
ChestFrost Witch’s Tunic
Wrists: Any tiny one will do
GlovesFrost Witch’s Handguards
BeltLord’s Girdle
LeggingsFrost Witch’s Legguards
Feet: With robes I don’t use any mogs
Main HandNighttime
Off HandProtector of Frigid Souls

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