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Day 8 of 30 day World of Warcraft challenge

PvE / PvP / RP?

I’m gonna say that PvE and PvP. Few times back I only played PvP only if I have to do that (like achievements or holiday events), but now I’ve been playing quite a lot Resto pvp. I kinda like it, I’m not really good at PvP because I get easily distracted by a lot of different things. But I’m now on that spot when I’m on a random Battleground and random ok geared people to to kill me, and they fail at it 😉 I gotta love that!
Tho back in classic I was farming Alterac Valley with my Warlock just to get it exalted so I could buy Frostwolf Howler mount 🙂

That is how I got this Feat of Strenght:

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