Day 5 of 30 day World of Warcraft challenge

Your favourite classic instance?

To this one wasn’t sure if it includes raids too, so kinda had 2 answers to this one.
I enjoyed pretty much all of the classic instances but I think
 Scholomance (10 and the 5man) is still going to win it. I pretty much had to force people to go in there with me ;P One of the reasons I had to go there because the last boss dropped (OR WAS SUPPOSE TO) my Dungeon set 1 hat for my cute little Warlock. (I never got that 🙁 tho I have it now because of the heirlooms but it is just not the same).

As for the raids, Blackwing Lair is my ultimate favourite classic raid and if we’re talking about the whole classic continent it is my choice. The feeling of the dungeon and the bosses it is just so much effort (in my opinion) into it, that when I firstly in my Warlock put her foot inside the raid for the first time it swept me off my tiny feet.
As for the tactics, I think I’m still not sure what I was suppose to do on the first boss 😉
So I have to say that I loved it all, the boss fights, the bosses, how it looked and especially Nefarian fangirl the last fight how you were suppose to hide behind his seat, it was just so exciting ^_^

Also the history part is really nice too, here is a quote from WoWWiki:

“Nefarian has vowed to crush Ragnaros. To this end, he has recently begun efforts to bolster his forces, much as his father Deathwing had attempted to do in ages past. However, where Deathwing failed, it now seems the scheming Nefarian may be succeeding. Nefarian’s mad bid for dominance has attracted concern from the Red Dragon Flight, which has always been the Black Flight’s greatest foe. Though Nefarian’s intentions are known, the methods he is using to achieve them remain a mystery. It is believed, however that Nefarian has been experimenting with the blood of all of the various Dragon Flights to produce unstoppable warriors.”

Since Blackwing Lair is located inside Blackrock Mountains, I’m giving the loading screen from that *cheers*

P.S. This post got bit late because I went to see Man of Steel and it was super awesome !!! 🙂

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