Day 4 of 30 day World of Warcraft challenge

Your favourite zone (Classic, BC, WotLK, Cata & Pandaria)?

Oh my … This one is really though and I’ve been thinking it whole day. It is like deciding your favourite book (and I have loads of them 😛 ).

But I came to think that I should make top 3 because I couldn’t decide between them, also I didn’t want to be boring and say Nagrand or Sholazar Basin as almost everyone would say 😉

Number 3 is always so pretty sandy Uldum. I like it because I’m fan of all Egyptian Mythology, also the quest line with Harrison Jones is really awesome.

Number 2 is underwater world Vashj’ir, it contains lots of old ruins, pretty colored reefs, nagas (  Atlantis, I really enjoyed questing there. Having the feeling that you were sucked into a search of a lost city 😛

Number 1 and the winner of top 3 is Howling Fjord I absolutely love it. I’m really big fan of Norse Mythology and I love Vikings so what is better combination than this 😀

“Howling Fjord received its name because the wind that races in from the sea on all three sides produces a constant howl, like a maddened beast seeking its prey. Other than the noise, Howling Fjord is pleasant. It’s not as heavily forested as the Grizzly Hills, or as hilly, but the temperature here is a little milder; between that and the flatter terrain it’s an ideal place to grow grain and other crops.”


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  1. My favorite zones would be (not in order):
    Old Stranglethorn Vale
    Grizzly Hills

    Those popped into my mind 🙂

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