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Day 19 of 30 day World of Warcraft

Your favourite class and why?

My favourite class is DRUID!! and why? Well just because I have so many choices with it, I can be healer, tank, kitty or boomkin dps if I feel like it. My main spec is Resto and at the moment off spec is tank, I love healing as a druid it’s so chill and all the hots <3
I tried to be dps, I tried to be lazerchicken from space, I tried to be kitty dps but it just didn’t work. I’m healer by heart <3 (tank spec is just so I can stare at furry bear but while I solo some old stuff ;D But tanking is really awesome with druid too).

My Druid is Night Elf, I was Worgen when they were released in cataclysm, but the animation for them wasn’t just what I was really hoping for (because wolves <3) so I changed back. I would love to be Draenei or Gnome Druid tho :)
And let’s not forget one of the best part being druid, you have matching pet for almost every form (for aquatic form you can always choose aquatic pet and for flight form just choose your favourite flying one ^^)

Here are some examples:

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