Day 18 of 30 day World of Warcraft challenge

Best and worst thing about WoW?

Lets start with the worst part, I think it is that with all the social events and things like that are kind of drying out, like for example before you had to actually talk to people to get into a dungeon. And all the Mr and Mrs “I know it all, so I’m better than you” types that seems to rule the instances. Oh oh and tanks joining as dps, dps trying to tank, healers as dps and other way around, and all because “well I can do that”.  I think Blizzard should make that thing better so people fill the role that they are actually supposed to be, but it’s easier said than done I know.
And I’m really glad there are still people out there that want to organize old raids and stuff with people, and talk to people. (Twitter guys, I mean you!  <3) I think the best part of WoW is that you can actually do almost anything you want, dye your hair, switch armor, collect mounts and pets, you can have your own farm now too. Do dailies or choose not to, choose scenarios or dungeons or both. LookingForRaid option (I learned to like it more now with the new loot system), PvP arenas, rated battlegrounds, normal battlegrounds. And most of all ACHIEVEMENTS! 🙂 So much to choose from 🙂
I just love this game! <3

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