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Day 17 of 30 World of Warcraft challenge

Your favourite WoW related YouTube video?

This one is so so easy (tho it’s in 3 parts ;D), I’ve had same favourite video since ever!
They are short movies following same story, it’s called Tales of the Past.

Maquans (Marting Falch, director) own words about the series:”The series originally started out as a guild promotion movie for my guild, Eden Aurorae.However, as it got popular, I decided to continue and make my second storyline movie, Tales of the Past, which was indeed a way more serious project than the original guild movie. The original idea of Tales of the Past was to make a movie with arranged events between the Horde and the Alliance – as you’ve seen, the same thing goes for Tales of the Past II.Tales of the Past II was my ambition to make what I did not make in Tales of the Past.Voice Acting, camera changes, action, a script, a plot – everything a movie should contain. This ambition turned out to result in quite a ride, spanning over 6 months of hard work, but also tons of fun with all the actors, voice actors and supporters of the movie! In the end it fulfilled my ambition and I am satisfied with the result, even though I know I can improve in many areas! I have learned tons from this production and I know a lot more than I did when I began.”

“It is also the best and largest scale machinima movie ever created using recordings from World of Warcraft – with multiple large battle-scenes involving thousands of players participating.” -WoWWiki

About the movies, if you haven’t watched them you REALLY should! You have missed so much 😛 The whole storyline is so amazing, the characters, voice acting, it brings chills on my back everytime I watch them (and I usually watch them all on the same day), so much effort put on those!!!  WATCH THEM! WATCH THEM NOW! ;D

Tales of the Past (I, II and III)


1 thought on “Day 17 of 30 World of Warcraft challenge

  1. Here I must co-hype this choice.
    The first time I saw it, it blew my mind. It’s by far the most awesome machinima made today. It’s not a video, it’s a freaking journey. Still thankful for Rinike for introducing me to this masterpiece.

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